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The Financial Side Of Divorce

When you leave a marriage, it is easy for the emotional considerations to overwhelm the financial considerations. You need to keep financial matters in mind as they will impact your life for years to come after the divorce. We can help identify what assets and property should be allocated to you so that you can meet your basic needs while you build your new life.

We know how to properly identify and value assets, including:

  • Businesses
  • Retirement packages
  • Investment portfolios
  • Vacation homes
  • Rental properties

We also are adept at locating hidden assets. We work with outside experts such as valuation experts and accountants when they will benefit your case.

Beyond financial issues, we also offer highly effective assistance with:

Cost-Effective Representation

Many people think that divorce is too costly to hire an attorney and that if they agree on the issues they can avoid the cost altogether. The reality is that an experienced attorney will understand what portion of the marital estate is yours and will know how to make sure you leave the marriage with it.

Rebuilding your life after marriage can be difficult financially. Having the financial resources from the marriage can help you more easily establish a new household.

Our legal fees are also structured to protect your finances. We work hard to find the most efficient ways to achieve your goals. That is just part of the basic respect we offer our clients.

More Than 30 Years Of Family Law Experience

At the Law Office of Joseph T. O'Connor, our firm understands the challenges you face as you work through your divorce. To help make you the most effective participant in your divorce, we work to ensure that you understand all of the decisions that are part of the divorce process and how the choices you make will impact your future. Attorney Joseph T. O'Connor brings more than 30 years of divorce experience to the aid of his clients. His extensive experience allows him to offer highly effective representation that can secure the best possible results in the most challenging situations.

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