Securing Child Support Levels That Reflect Your Real Circumstances

The determination of child support in Connecticut is determined through the use of a formula contained in state guidelines. The formula considers the gross monthly income of both parents and factors such as:

  • Day care expenses
  • Health care expenses
  • Educational expenses

Another factor that can impact child support determinations is the amount of time each parent spends with the child. The more time the paying parent spends with the child, the lower his or her child support obligations will be.

High Net Worth Child Support

The child support formula is designed to work with incomes up to a certain point. For couples with substantial net worth, the formula may not be sufficient. The courts can make determinations of what the real needs of the child are. The court will also separate the child's expenses from those of the custodial parent.

Determining a child's needs is an evolving topic for cases that do not fall within the range considered by the state formula. This makes it so important that you work with an attorney who understands the guidelines, when they apply, how to apply them and how to help you secure a favorable outcome.

We can assist with all child support issues, including:

  • Child support determinations (as part of a divorce and in standalone legal proceedings)
  • Modifications/adjustments
  • Enforcement

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